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Distributed directories

Because of OPML's magical inclusion property, you can create a distributed directory, delegating sections of its creation and maintenance to editors you choose.

Check out these examples to help you understand the concept.

Flash is required for the demos.


ipodder.org podcast directory

An example from the user's viewpoint

Of course, most users of directories like this never need to know that OPML is at work. They don't need any special software to use the information. They merely benefit from relying on a source more likely to be authoritative and up to date because its maintenance is distributed.

Watch the demo (it's silent). 817k


Community car roll

All the cars we've ever owned, showing the contributor's role

Watch the demo to find out how. 6.9MB
[will have to redo this; directories are all different now]


Now see what the organizer does to maintain the community car roll. Not much!

  1. Enter a node name, in this case the first name of the car owner.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the new node and choose "Add link." (Not "Add feed." That's for reading lists.)
  3. Paste in the full URL of the car owner's OPML file.
  4. Doubleclick on the up-arrow
  5. Check to make sure the external OPML file is being pulled in.

That's it.