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0.6 Manual

Step by step. Lisa Williams guides you through the OPML Editor's menu, item by item. [Outline will be rendered on the real public release site.]

View or download the manual as a PDF file. [Was Dan or someone else going to look into writing the OPML file to PDF with XSLT-FO?]

Help by topic. [Dave's docs from the beta support site. Project for somebody to integrate these with some of the other by-topic docs and organize them. Coordinate with Dave to get his support.opml.org OPML files. Put them into a new overall topic outline. Output in 1.0 site style.]



Distributed directories like the ipodder.org directory can be maintained by a number of editors. Learn how to make one.

Reading lists are outlines of RSS feeds. Lisa Williams shows you how to create one using the OPML Editor. AVI, 41 MB.


More howtos


Support forum

[Use Manila discussion group? Mailing list, please no.]

[Interactive FAQ: users can add questions they don't see, editor evaluates, answers or assigns an answerer and publishes. Could come later.]

[draft page]